Month 1 is done! Started Maciej Kuciara's Environment painting class. Definitely learning how difficult concept art is but I'm learning a lot. I started off working on shape structure and composition. I don't think he went far enough in to what makes a pleasing composition so I've been scrubbing through the internet to get some more composition advice. The best I've seen so far has been Eytan Zana's Gumroad and harassing my friend Will Kalkanis for help. I'll keep searching for resources

Homework (selects):


May 2018 vs June 2018 Best:


Do you stack up with the Gods?

Results: Better. But still not close


WAAAAY better at photobashing and getting better to having a piece that looks final.

What to work on:
Need to work more on making quick compositions in pure black and white. The rock formation is a bit choppy in my latest piece looks good but I need to figure out a way to make it more pleasing.

Lets see what happens in July!