The Falcon &
Winter Soldier

I was tasked to recreate a German forest for multiple aerial shots for The Falcon & Winter Soldier.

  • Projected the bg mountains and sky
  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled trees
  • Textured trees
  • Scattered trees

Kaisa Fly to Mars

This show is still in it’s early stages. So far I have been responsible for the following.

  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled terrain
  • Textured terrain
  • Textured rock assets

Fly Rides

Made multiple environments for various fly rides.

  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled terrain and vegetation
  • Textured terrain and vegetation
  • Scattered vegetation
  • Vegetation was used by the majority of the other artists on show


Built a bamboo forest set to match productions on site set.

  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled environment assets
  • Textured environment assets
  • Scattered Bamboo
  • Scattered ground debris

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR

I was tasked with making marketing art, styleframes with the game character assets, and a teaser trailer for the latest FNAF AR game. The goal was to present the animatronics in the real world coming after the user which would reflect the gameplay.

Tasks: Marketing Art and Styleframes     Client: Illumix Inc.


Elsewhere is a short film I created to reflect my feelings of isolation as well as triumph I experienced during the beginning of the pandemic. It was accepted to 8 film festivals and won 3 awards!  Rendered in Blender’s real-time render engine.

  • I did all tasks for short film