The Falcon &
Winter Soldier

I was tasked to recreate a German forest for multiple aerial shots for The Falcon & Winter Soldier.

  • Projected the bg mountains and sky
  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled trees
  • Textured trees
  • Scattered trees

Kaisa Fly to Mars

This show is still in it’s early stages. So far I have been responsible for the following.

  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled terrain
  • Textured terrain
  • Textured rock assets

Fly Rides

Made multiple environments for various fly rides.

  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled terrain and vegetation
  • Textured terrain and vegetation
  • Scattered vegetation
  • Vegetation was used by the majority of the other artists on show


Built a bamboo forest set to match productions on site set.

  • Scene lighting
  • Scene layout
  • Modeled environment assets
  • Textured environment assets
  • Scattered Bamboo
  • Scattered ground debris

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR

I was tasked with making marketing art, styleframes with the game character assets, and a teaser trailer for the latest FNAF AR game. The goal was to present the animatronics in the real world coming after the user which would reflect the gameplay.

Tasks: Marketing Art and Styleframes     Client: Illumix Inc.


It’s a pretty big change from my other work but this is part of my short film that wrapped in April. It is currently being entered into film festivals. Here’s the intro and some test shots. Rendered in Eevee.

  • I did all tasks for short film